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 Mafia Application

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Mafia Application Empty
PostSubject: Mafia Application   Mafia Application EmptySat Dec 24, 2011 6:14 am

Mafia is highly organized, you are gonna need to have our forum open 24/7 and use it daily, hourly.

Copy this application and respond in game to Proteus or a Captain.

1. Which galaxies are you in? Have you been in another guild in Lyra before?

2. What other servers you play? Name there? Guild?

3. Do you own a timer? Or know how to use comp/smartphone timer?

4. What is most efficient way to kill a dreadnought? (optional, for vets)

5. What is your favorite driving music?

6. How addicted to Ae are you?

7. You wanna be big hitter, jump gate guy, Econ guy or defense guy?

8. What time zone are you in? ie game time -6:00 for eastern US

Ingame mail application to Proteus or a Captain.
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Mafia Application
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